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English Language Pronunciation

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English Language Pronunciation (Elementary)

I have carefully designed this English Language Pronunciation (Elementary) course to help second language learners (L2) master the correct pronunciation of words and sentences. Today’s professionals work in a globalized world and the skill, ability, poise, and sophistication needed to communicate fluently and effortlessly in the world’s lingua franca, the English language, has never been greater. This is an elementary level course with the approach below.

• Introduce the forty-four different English phonemes in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and their correct pronunciations.
• Develop suprasegmental (beyond the forty-four phonemes) pronunciations so that the student acquires the right pronunciation skills to speak fluently at the elementary level.
• Develop necessary listening skills to complement the pronunciation and speaking skills.

Today’s professionals work in a globalized world, and the need for expertise and confidence to communicate effortlessly in the world’s lingua franca, the English language, has never been greater.

Non-native ((L2) speakers of the English language often silently struggle with pronunciation, which is generally very different from their own native tongue. This leads to ineffective spoken communication, because their pronunciations are not understood, or even misunderstood by native speakers and other L2 listeners. This can be embarrassing, especially when listeners need to interrupt a speaker, asking for words or phrases to repeated. After a while, they politely stop interrupting, which does not help the communication. Unfortunately, the L2 speaker eventually drops silent and disengages from conversations, particularly in informal stings. Yet first impressions are critical, more so when many influential leaders are also present. Unfortunately, this reluctance to speak will be glaringly obvious when L2 speakers are involved in presentations and Q & A sessions that follow.

This English Language Pronunciation course is based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to correctly pronounce all English words and sounds. It demonstrates the appropriate mouth and tongue positions when pronouncing the phonemes (sounds) and is taught using the Received Pronunciation or BBC pronunciation accent, which is the accent L2 speakers learn, worldwide. The course has seven units, with multiple lessons in each unit, and is just over two hours long. All the 44 phonemes in the IPA are covered thoroughly with demonstrations, practices, and quizzes. Assignments are being designed and course participants can upload their recorded voices to be reviewed with feedback.

This is an English Language Pronunciation foundation level course and is suitable for young learners, adults, and students preparing for IELTS and other professional examinations. English is one of six official languages of the United Nations and is in fact the world’s lingua franca in business, science and technology, programming languages, entertainment, and is the most commonly used language when L2 speakers with different tongues communicate. This English Language Pronunciation course addresses all the common problems faced by L2 speakers and is the gateway towards overcoming pronunciation challenges and paves the way for excellence in professional, spoken communication.

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What Will You Learn?

  • To speak without having to repeat yourself
  • To speak clearly and without confusing the listener
  • To develop great confidence to engage in "small talk" in social gatherings.
  • To listen and understand both native and second language speakers from around the world.
  • To participate and present confidently at international webinars and seminars
  • To speak confidently in social settings

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1 year ago
The course it's great it explained well what I need to do to improve my pronunciation and I really enjoyed it. Thanks, a lot To help non-native speaker gain confidence and also know that native speakers' behavior most of the time is not planned in advance.

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