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Dr. Lee’s Method (English Grammar) Level One (English version)

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About Course

Dr. Lee’s Method ( English Grammar ) Level One is designed and written specially by Dr. Lee Sai Im to help students master English Grammar easily. Level One consists of 38 Lessons with 1,324 Questions! This course prepares students to face English Grammar with confidence and enthusiasm to learn more.
Dr. Lee’s Method ( English Grammar ) is the result of extensive research and designed with Dr. Lee’s personal teaching experience of more than 35 years. Dr Lee’s Method (English Grammar) method is effective in enabling students to grasp and excel in English Grammar.
So, how important is Grammar ? My answer is : Grammar is very important ! Grammar is important both in Speaking and Writing if you want to achieve perfection ! Imagine when you speak or write, you are unable to express the time frame correctly ! Imagine something happens daily and you use “now” instead of “every” ! How can anyone possibly understand you ? Learn Dr Lee’s Method and you will be able to grasp fully the principles of Grammar !
With a strong command of Grammar, it will greatly boost your confidence ! You will build a positivity within you, thus you will achieve a breakthrough ! What you say and write will reach out to others immediately ! Grammar deals a lot with time frame – when did this happen ? So with good Grammar, you will be able to drive your message home instead of making your listeners and readers guess what you are trying to say! This is where Dr Lee’s Method comes into the picture. Dr Lee’s Method deals with all kinds of situation which tests your ability to determine the time an action happened- whether it is at present, in the past or in the future. Learn Dr Lee’s Method to build a wall of confidence within you. With confidence, you will achieve credibility as people will trust you and you will become an excellent communicator – having the capability to present your views using perfect Grammar. Grasp Dr Lee’s Method !
Dr. Lee’s Method Level One ( English Grammar ) is suitable for Primary 6 pupils and it is also suitable for Secondary school students or adults, who wish to learn a basic Comprehensive English Grammar.
Upon completion of Dr. Lee’s Method Level One ( English Grammar ) students will be able to grasp 38 different aspects of English Grammar. These 38 Lessons in Dr Lee’s Method Level One are carefully selected by Dr Lee to appear as the basis of this book because these 38 lessons are the most important and form the foundation of good Grammar. These 38 lessons will appear in every level of my book-from Level One to Level Seven. Always start with Dr Lee’s Method Level One and continue to Level Two, Level Three until Level Seven. This is the best way to lay a strong foundation to master Grammar. Dr Lee’s Method is complete with explanations and examples for anyone who wants to start off with learning the basics of Grammar.
So, give your child or yourself a head start! Students who have not mastered basic English Grammar should do all the exercises in this book. This Programme (Dr Lee’s Method English Grammar) is unique because you do not do all the exercises on your own! I will be with you ALL THE WAY! Watch all my videos in this course. I discuss all the questions and answers in this course. I will answer your questions and solve all your problems. Just post your questions and problems in the Q & A Section in the single course page front-end section.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Students will be able to fully grasp Grammar- the main essence in the English Language so that they can write and speak correctly which will help them in their studies and work

Course Content

Lesson 1 – Common Nouns

  • Lesson 1 video course – Common Nouns
  • Lesson 1 summary
  • Exercise 1
  • Exercise 2
  • Exercise 3
  • Exercise answers

Lesson 2 – Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Lesson 3 – Proper Nouns

Lesson 4 – Collective Nouns

Lesson 5 – Singular and Plural Nouns

Lesson 6 – Definite and Indefinite Articles

Lesson 7 – Gender

Lesson 8 – Possessive Nouns

Lesson 9 – Possessive Adjectives

Lesson 10 – Possessive Pronouns

Lesson 11 – Personal Pronouns

Lesson 12 – Reflexive Pronouns

Lesson 13 – Relative Pronouns

Lesson 14 – Conjunctions

Lesson 15 – Prepositions

Lesson 16 – Agreement

Lesson 17 – Forms of the Verb

Lesson 18 – The Verb “To Be”

Lesson 19 – Simple Present Tense

Lesson 20 – Simple Past Tense

Lesson 21 – Present Continuous Tense

Lesson 22 – Past Continuous Tense

Lesson 23 – Simple Future Tense

Lesson 24 – “Going to” Form

Lesson 25 – Present Perfect Tense

Lesson 26 – Conditional Tense ( Conditional “If” )

Lesson 27 – Articles

Lesson 28 – Adjectives

Lesson 29 – Comparison of Adjectives

Lesson 30 – Adverbs

Lesson 31 – Comparison of Adverbs

Lesson 32 – Question-words

Lesson 33 – Question-tags

Lesson 34 – Positive and Negative Sentences

Lesson 35 – Short Forms

Lesson 36 – Statements and Questions

Lesson 37 – Short Answers and Replies

Lesson 38 – Punctuation

Student Ratings & Reviews

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6 Ratings
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3 years ago
Excellent teaching method and artificial intelligent quiz marking system, Now I can learn anywhere, anytime, self-paced, and can learn at my own comfort. Within a month, my English grammar has improved a lot.
3 years ago
Now, I can learn anywhere, anytime from the best tutor. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends.
3 years ago
It is my first time enrolled in an online course. I get know experience and knowledge in using online tools which are useful and effective.
3 years ago
Thank you for this course. This was a very immersive course.
3 years ago
Very good teacher and clear explanation. Also, I like the Artificial Intelligent quiz marking system.
3 years ago
very good

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