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A* Guide: Year 10 IGCSE Additional Mathematics (0606)

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About Course

*This is not associated with Cambridge International Examination (CIE), who own the trademark of IGCSE*

For those who prefer a better introduction, please watch the Introduction Video!

Welcome to the A* Guide for this IGCSE Additional Mathematics, this is the ultimate playlist for your entire Year 10. Please read everything about this course so you understand how the course is designed.

The course price is calculated like this:

  • Since this course literally covers the entire IGCSE Year 10, imagine investing $0.45/day for 11 months as one year of studying in high school.

  • That is the worth of this course, except that you have an actually experienced mentor who covers the only things you have to know for the exam. (Read more below about Me) .

This course teaches everything stated by the syllabus of IGCSE Additional Mathematics (2023 – 2024) and my job is to deliver everything clearly and make things super easy to understand because, in my opinion, IGCSE Additional Mathematics is not supposed to be difficult and intimidating for students 🙂

The topics covered in this IGCSE Additional Mathematics course are:
  1. Functions
  2. Quadratic Functions
  3. Equations, Inequalities, Graphs
  4. Indices and Surds
  5. Simultaneous Equations
  6. Factors of Polynomials
  7. Logarithm and Exponential Functions

More on the topics:

  • For every chapter, there will be about 3-5 concept videos (the average duration per video is 10 – 20 minutes)

  • After every concept video, some exercises will be based on past year questions as homework.

  • Finally, there are discussion videos on the homework with a step-by-step solution.

  • Recommended effort: 1 Chapter/Week

If you have any questions to ask on topics that I didn’t cover, feel free to drop it in the feedback! So that I can upload new videos and explain those topics too! 

If you have reached this section, thank you very much. I hope you will be surprised at how easy this subject actually is.

About Me

Hi, aspiring students! I am Lee Dywei, your instructor for this IGCSE Additional Mathematics course. I am currently pursuing medicine in Malaysia. However, that is not the point. Here’s what you need to know about me and this course:

  1. I USED TO struggle in this subject because my school doesn’t offer Additional Mathematics and I had to take the exam privately and LEARN IT all by myself from scratch.

  2. However, throughout struggling and doing so many past year papers, I learned all the LIFE HACKS for this subject. Yes, there are shortcuts for this subject and I will share them to you in this course.

  3. My results for GCE-A Levels are 4A*s (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics), and IGCSE result is mostly A*s (with Mathematics) as well.

    IGCSE Additional Mathematics

    GCE A-Levels result

  4. I guarantee this is the only material and the best material you will ever need for this subject. The way I teach in the IGCSE Additional Mathematics is direct and simple to understand!

With that said, see you soon in the lectures!

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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Understand everything stated by the Syllabus.
  • 2. Understand how to apply what you have learnt on actual past year questions.

Course Content

Chapter 1 : Functions
1. Understand that a function takes in an input and outputs a value.2. Understand that the input taken in is the "domain" and the output for the specific domain is the "range/image".3. Understand what is an inverse function and how to find the formula for it.4. Understanding the different types of functions and only one-to-one function has an inverse.5. Understand what are composite functions and how to evaluate it.6. Understand what are modulus functions, its appearance on a graph and the 2 methods to solve it.7. Understand how a function is related to its inverse graphically (reflection of y=x).

  • 1.1 Introduction to Functions
  • 1.2 Inverse Functions
  • 1.3 Composite Functions
  • 1.4 Modulus/Absolute Functions
  • Assignments
  • Assignment : Question 1
  • Assignment : Question 2
  • Assignment : Question 3
  • Assignment : Question 4

Chapter 2 : Quadratic Functions
1. Understand the general form of quadratic function is ax^2 + bx + c.2. Understand the general shape of a quadratic function.3. Understand how to solve quadratic functions using 3 methods : factorization, completing the square and using the quadratic formula.4. Understand what is the discriminant and how to apply it.5. Understand how to solve quadratic inequalities.

Chapter 3 : Equations, Inequalities and Graphs
1. Recap to sketching modulus functions.2. Understand how to solve modulus inequalities.3. Understand how a cubic graph looks like.4. Understand how to solve a cubic graph by its given factorized form.

Chapter 4 : Indices and Surds
1. Understand all the formulas of indices.2. Understand how to apply the indices formulas onto actual past year questions.3. Understand the operations of surds, such as rationalizing surds.4. Understand how to apply the surd operations onto actual past year questions.

Chapter 5 : Simultaneous Equations
1. Understand what are simultaneous equations.2. Understand how to use elimination to solve simultaneous equations.3. Understand how to use substitution to solve simultaneous equations.4. Understand how to use substitution to solve simultaneous quadratic equations.

Chapter 6 : Factors of Polynomials
1. Understand what are polynomials.2. Understand how to do long division on polynomials to find remainders.3. Understand how to use the remainder theorem to find remainders.4. Understand how to use the remainder theorem to find factors.

Chapter 7 : Logarithm and Exponential Functions
1. Understand what is a logarithmic function.2. Understand what is an exponential function.3. Understand how a logarithmic function looks like.4. Understand how an exponential function looks like.5. Understand all the laws of logarithms.6. Understand how to solve exponential functions by using indices and logarithmic method.

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3 years ago
The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. This course has taught me a lot of tricks & tips. Thank you so much for this great course! Highly recommended!
3 years ago
Straightforward and simple to understand, thanks!!
3 years ago
Clear explanation and straight to the point
3 years ago
Explanation is easy to understand, now i know what to focus for my school and exam, thank you for your teaching!!

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