6 new pandemic created business ideas

6 New “Pandemic-Created” Business Ideas

Recent data has shown that unemployment is at an all-time high, in fact one out of every 5 Americans is without a job which is really insane and it reminds me of my story back in 2008 having gotten laid off in the recession back then for different reasons. Obviously and it took a little bit of time but I found massive opportunity during that downturn and you have those same opportunities too.

I’m going to share with you 6 new business ideas and niche and also about why I think there’s opportunity there and a lot of these are a result of what has happened now. There’s be a new normal and it’s those who get in front of this new normal who can come out the other end better before we get started.

You could take advantage of the opportunities that you have here and you will be serving a group of people but you need to come from a place of service first, how can you help others and as a by-product get paid in return. Now is the time to get started so let’s get started with idea :

1. Education


This is a huge one for me education there is going to be a new norm in education and you know you can extrapolate whatever new problems or new issues or new discoveries are need to happen there in order for it to flow and work well.

There are huge opportunities in education right now from helping parents learn how to do social learning with their kids at home and to helping teachers learn how to better connect with their kids online as well as to helping colleges to understanding how people can better learn online.

You all have the opportunity to create online courses to teach your specialty. There are so many opportunities in education right now and I think out of all the things that we mentioned today. This is likely where the biggest opportunity is going to be because we know education cannot stop but it is going to change.

You have to grasp on to where the new pains the new problems are in that space and see how you might be able to focus your energy and efforts they’re focusing in and honing in on a specific group, whether it’s parents teachers colleges what have you and seeing how you might be able to create something is it an opportunity for you.

2.  Students


Students have been affected quite drastically during this time from all ages right, especially the college graduate or the person who’s in college right now who needs a supplemental income to see how they might be able to pay off that debt or continue their education.

While at home to have a little bit of extra time to connect with companies software companies other companies that might need some help who are now looking at a lot of remote work solutions, so a student just coming fresh out of school might have a great opportunity to get in front of a business that is looking to hire people for relatively cheap but you’ll be able to make some extra money that connection can go really well.

3. Parents


That’s a niche you can focus on first because parents are experiencing things in their life right now that they’ve never experienced before specifically kids are home all day and if you’re like me I want my kids on the iPad for nine hours a day right but we need to still get them to learn, so there’s that distant learning that’s happening right now but we as parents also have to get stuff done.

We also want to make sure our kids are fed too and so how do we keep them active, how do we keep them engaged by how do we work on our own stuff there’s a whole new set of businesses right now that are being created to help parents in the home schooling space teaching kids how to cook space.

All the arenas of parenting right now is a time to focus in on that and help them out, so if you can find parents and understand what their pains and problems are that’s where you can find some good opportunities right now.

4. Content Creators

Content Creators

There’s a whole lot of people using this opportunity to consume or to consume more YouTube videos like you’re doing right now or to consume podcasts or blogs and read more but that’s great. There’s a whole new side of people who are now creating for the first time brand new Youtube, creators brand new podcasters and guess what they’re going to need some support and help.

Businesses that start to help those new creators, that are focused on their efforts edit their stuff repurpose their information there’s huge opportunities right now and there’s going to be a huge boom in services that help content creators. I mean even just think about being here on Youtube helping a single person on Youtube get set up and go live and also how to repurpose their stuff.

How to take it and make sure they do a great job, how to turn it into a business and how to edit their stuff. There’s going to be huge opportunities in that right now and so if you happen to have some editing skills this might be a great opportunity for you to hone in on a specific niche in the creator space.

5. Speakers


Speakers have been hit so hard during this time right. People who used to travel there’s no more traveling events are being canceled. What do these speakers need to do well you can step up and help these speakers in all different kinds of ways.

First, there might be an opportunity for you to help them book virtual gigs there’s a lot of virtual conferences happening right now and you stepping up to help them get those gigs can be worth their time and money

Secondly you might be able to actually help these speakers create their own virtual events where they can then create their own sort of mini events in an online fashion.

6. Starving Artists

Starving Artists

Starving artists, musicians painters, artists all kinds of starving artists guess what they were already starving and now in this time they might be starving even more and they’re need some help. There’s a lot of people right now who are stepping up to teach art, creativity, guitar, piano whatever it might be.

There’s a huge influx of people who are using this time to learn a new skill to learn a new hobby and starving artists can help themselves by teaching their craft and these people may not know how to do that so if you can step up and help these artists teach others how to create something similar. You can transform your offline teaching to online course by using our Learning Management System platform.

There’s huge opportunities there too I think we all know that course is about hobbies have been really successful from piano to guitar to art and all those kinds of things now’s the time to lean into that and help those who really need that extra income right now and it might be a great situation with a win for everybody.